Koby Poulton is a landscape & travel photographer, with a passion for conservation. He spent his childhood exploring the deserts of the Southwest United States. This exposure to complex and delicate ecosystems lead to an early appreciation for the fragile desert flora, as well as the wildlife that inhabits them. Those developmental years, full of exploration, cemented in Koby a love for nature, and a burgeoning understanding for our place within it. 

Armed with a burning curiosity to explore different ecosystems all around the earth, Koby took a gap year after high school, to backpack around the world, exploring the jungles of SouthEast Asia, the rugged mountains and rainforests of New Zealand, as well as the Gobi Desert in Northern China. These early adventures imprinted upon Koby a love of travel and culture, which he continues to explore every chance he gets. 

Upon returning to pursue his education, Koby graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of California, Los Angeles. He then went on to do postgraduate work at the University of Southern California, with a focus in Cinematography.  

After college, he began working in the film industry in Los Angeles, as a lighting designer. Working with talented cinematographers and industry veterans, Koby honed an acute appreciation for working with light.  Controlling and shaping both natural and artificial light became a skill Koby excelled at, advancing him in this field. This industry experience has only strengthened his photography, as working with light is an invaluable skill for a photographer. 

Realizing we are all inextricably linked to our natural world, Koby's photography is focused on the beauty of our varied landscapes and ecosystems, as well as the people in them; with a hope that his photography can inspire the connection to nature that is ingrained within all of us. He hopes his work can be used to propel conversation, as well as action, in defense of the future of the planet and our responsibility to protect it through conservation efforts.